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A beautiful story ; Sabr | Doa | Him

" Kejarlah kehidupan yang mulia , dan kematian yang syahid "

Somehow my mind came out with this beautiful story .
Yes , for me I think it is really , really a beautiful story .

Y'know , when your friends are pursuing their study , and you chose the different pathway from them ; which is doing some job , its going to be hard .
I can't imaging how hard it is .
You've to ignore peoples' talk , you've to bear your friends talking about the college , and university and how tough their class was . You've to bear the negative thinking of others' : why you've to choose this path ? Why you didn't pursuing your study ? And there are many whys that came from those people . If I was them , I'll asked the same question too .
Y'know , its really hard , and I can't even imaging how hard it is , really .
How he can bear the situation ?
How he can ignore the peoples' talk ?
How can he be so strong ?
To live in the hard situation .
And not to forget , how he can manage the job he do ? Like , yes seriously not many people are strong as he is .
He must had a lot of sabr to stick with what he do .
The fact is , he got the chance to pursue his study for the degree , but yeah , it was not his passion to continue in Culinary . 

It was 30th of January .
He said , the result will came out at 3.00 pm .
I was waiting for the text .
And prayed hardly .
Cause I can't imaging how frust he will if he didn't get his degree this time .
I was waiting , till I got very sleepy , and slept for awhile .
When I woke up , I read the text he gave to me .
And , wallahi I was about to cry .
Like seriously ?
He did it .
Allah gave the chance to him for pursuing his study in degree .
You really don't know how grateful I was .
MashaaAllah , O Allah , thankyou for this oppurtunity .
Alhamdulillah .

Y'know , when I was joking around , that I was dreaming about ' Mat ' and not Oppa ?
And I also said that , it was not MatLuthfi but ' Mat lain ' .
And I also said ' biarlah rahsia ' , right ?
I was not ready to tell you yet what I was dreaming about .
The truth is , I was dreaming that ,
the parents , I don't know whose parents they were but I believed they were yours
Doing their sujood syukur .
When I woke up that day , I was like , ' O Allah , please , make this dream to be happen '
And Alhamdulillah , it was happen , and Allah has answered our prays , aite ?
When I went to Tanta , and y'know that there's no hijaab of musafirins' doa ? 
I was praying that you'll get the degree , the degree that you really want , the degree that you passionate of .
I was also praying that I'll not have to repeat any papers for this year , and that I can go back to Malaysia in early of this May . Amiin .

Y'know , this really a good story of Sabr , and Doa .
I didn't know if this is the power of your Sabr , or the power of peoples' doa , or yeah it must really both !
Because , He'll gave to you when its come to the perfect time :)
Y'know , now you're better than others cause you've more experience than they have , didn't Allah's plan is beautiful enough ?

Y'know , when you feel really down , that you'll fall to the bottom , that you'll give up in life , just remember this story .
The beautiful of Sabr , Doa and Him .

P/s : I'm sorry , for the grammatical error , it just my story won't come out in Bahasa Melayu , and I afraid that I'll forget this story , so I'm sorry . And please , pray for my final 3rd semester . Really , I'm not ready yet T.T


After a long time

" Believe in yourself , cause people won't believe "

Salam hai semua konichiwa heee rindu tak ? So after a longgggggg time last last wa update blog wa today even wa skrg supposely sibuk study sebab final lagi 2 minggu mihmih . Actually wa nak post something tapi mcm bahaya sikit kalau wa post dkt IG ke Twitter ke FB tapi nak post sini pun wa rasa mcm bahaya cukuplah wa cakap wa tengah rindu parents , siblings , besties wa and someone yang everyday whatsapp pun wa still rindu adohai so wa rasa nak nangis sikit mihmih T.T Musim-II wa nak exam tambah-II tgh winter break wa usha semua orang mostly post gambar diorg bercuti dekat oversea or diorg balik Msia so emosi wa serius tak stabil wa rasa makin malas sebab stress emo jealous dkt semua org tapi diri wa sendiri kena study T.T  . Sorry wa bila dah tension mmg bahasa nak acah gengster aje pastu ayat pulak malas nak letak koma ke noktah hehe itu mmg petanda besar wa dlm fasa tension/stress/tertekan pilih salah satu . Btw di sini wa selitkan gambar-II insan yang wa rindu yang wa teringin gila nak jumpa kalau boleh nak balik Msia sekarang and jumpa diorg :(


plus Chaer Fahmi Kikin Ayu Haiza Afni sorry takde gambar sebab IPhone ni guna 2 hari before dtg Egypt so tak byk gambar dgn orang-II Msia . K till then . Sorry mengarut ya Robbi saja teringin and rindu nak update blog je hihihi 🌚🌝